About Us

Since Destination Music Education prides itself in being a family operated business, the instructors have written a short bio of themselves below.

Bill Schmidt

Guitar lessons portlandI am a skilled musician who began playing guitar at the age of 12. I have an extensive amount of experience teaching guitar as well. I have studied classical and jazz music, and have played in several bands.

My passion for teaching developed over the past few years. I started with a few students and it has grown into a full career. After realizing video lessons worked for very few people, I became adamant that there is no substitute for a great instructor and personalized learning. I teach guitar, bass, ukulele and mandolin.

Individually tailored instruction plans typically include one on one lessons and focused practice. I believe in positive affirmation, practical application and knowing your fret board well. I love making guitar playing fun and exciting. My experience has shown that using these teaching methods yields the best results.



Denise Schmidt

Piano lessons portlandMy music education began at age 7 when I started taking piano lessons. By high school I was competing in state and national piano competitions. I majored in piano performance in college. After graduating, I soon discovered how much I enjoyed teaching. Teaching piano has been my full time career now for over 15 years.

My formal training Is in classical music, although my years of real world experience has also included jazz, rock, pop and an extensive amount of experience in church/gospel music.

In lessons I encourage students to explore and appreciate music from many different periods of history. We cover composers from different countries and  explore a wide variety of musical styles. I also allow students to choose a lot of their own music that interests them so they continue to enjoy practicing!

My students range in age from 3 to 83. I enjoy working with beginners, hobby musicians, and music majors preparing for conservatory auditions.