Guitar Lessons

Learning guitar portlandAs you pick up a bass or guitar, is there a certain way you practice? Is there a method you have to make your practice the most effective possible with the busy schedule you have? Do you see others making music and wonder how they play it so seamlessly?
Destination music makes it a goal that every student accomplishes there music potential. Guitar lessons in Portland can be found relatively easily but to find a good and knowledgeable instructor that has a passion for teaching others how to play can be difficult.

Our guitar lessons involve meeting one time each week for 30 minutes. We go over your material that you practiced throughout the week and then continue on to learn new songs, techniques and styles of music. Whatever the goal, Destination Music can help you get there at an affordable price. To view our rates, please see our pricing page.

The level of musical skill does not matter because Bill teaches students from beginners to people who have been playing guitar for years. Bill also is open to you bringing your own music that you strive to learn.

Whether you want to play the guitar, bass or mandolin, contact us or call 503-449-4058