Pricing / Policies

You can find our prices and policies for the Destination Music Education studio. We have setup our pricing so that it is the most affordable solution in the Portland area while providing excellent lessons from skilled professionals.



Our unique billing system helps keep overall costs down and rewards consistent attendance. There is no “per lesson” charge. Lesson are billed at a flat monthly rate of $90 per month for 30 minute lessons and $120 per month for 45 minute lessons. Billing will be sent home with the student one week before it is due. It will include the monthly lesson fee and any music that has been purchased during the month. Fees are due at the first lesson of each month. Fees paid over two weeks late will be subject to a $5 late charge. If lesson fees are more than 5 weeks past due, no further lessons will be taught until the bill is brought current.


Missed Lessons:

lessons missed due to illness, bad weather or family emergencies may be made up if notice is given before the lesson time. Lessons missed for other reason or without a prior notification will not be made up, nor will the fees be refunded for that missed lesson. It is the student responsibility to request a make-up lesson.



Holidays provide a healthy and needed break from the routine for student and teachers. Our studio is closed on the following holidays: spring break, Labor Day, Thanksgiving weekend and a 2 week Christmas break. We follow the North Clackamas School District calendar.


Summer Lessons:

For many student summer is an excellent time to accomplish much toward their musical goals. Continuing lessons during the summer is strongly encouraged. In order to accommodate family vacation, camps, etc., you may have your monthly fee pro-rated if the request is made one month in advance. This option is only available during June, July and August. The request should also be in writing for documentation purposes.